The Parson Red Heads - Burning Up the Sky

The Parson Red Heads just released their album titled 'Yearling,' and today we are checking out the track 'Burning Up the Sky.' The song has a folk/country vibe to it, as does the album in whole, with the male vocals sounding slightly Dylan-esque. The vocal harmonies are great throughout and create a mellow atmosphere to the acoustic driven track list of the album. 'Yearling' can be purchased by clicking here.

Burning Up the Sky by The Parson Red Heads


The Limes - 5 Years

Today we bring you the song '5 Years' off of the Limes album titled 'Tarantula!' which is available HERE.


Bad Sports - Teenage Girls

Today we bring you the musical stylings of Bad Sports, a trio out of Denton, TX, with their song 'Teenage Girls' off of their new album 'Kings of the Weekend.' We're digging on their sound over here.

Teenage Girls by Bad Sports Bad Sports - Teenage Girls

You can pick up single tracks or the whole release here.


Smog - Cold Blooded Old Times

This throwback Sunday we're gonna check out an oldie but a good by Smog. "Cold Blooded Old Times" is slow and moody but it's a great track. Hope you all enjoy.

Get the album or song HERE.


The Tins - Taking Liberties

This is the track 'Taking Liberties' by 'The Tins.' This is the unmastered version but the band is looking for funding to complete and master their album. Help 'em out if you can by visiting here.

Find more artists like The Tins at Myspace Music

Black Milk - Brains

Jack White's label, Third Man Records, is releasing its first Hip Hop album by Detroit rapper Black Milk. This track features Mr.White on guitars and has some nice horns on it as well.

Black Milk - Brain

Fruit Bat - Tangle and Ray

In order to keep with the 'mellow' vibe of the day, here is Tangle and Ray by the Fruit Bats. Very good listen. Enjoy!

Tangie and Ray by Fruit Bats

Delicate Cutter - Warm Beer and Sympathy

It feels like a nice summer day, and a nice summer day deserves a nice mellow song. This is a new track by Delicate Cutters- Enjoy!


Belle and Sebastian - We Are the Sleepyheads

'We are the sleepyheads' is a couple of years old, I know, but this Belle and Sebastian song never really got the credit that we think it deserves. 'Sleepyheads' has a distinctive late 60's vibe, even throwing in a nod to doo-wop. Check it out and let us know what ya think.

Get We Are the Sleepyheads now!


Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em

Strange electronica, pumping electro-drum beats, guitar feedback, laser gun sound effects, and really interesting female vocals; put 'em all together and you've got the band 'Sleigh Bells' single 'Tell Em.'

Peep it.

Get the album or single HERE. Support the music you like!

Bleached - Think of You

Take a peak at the single 'Think of You' by the band 'Bleached.' There is something so throwback and cool about it- from the distant sounding vocals, to the simple and sometimes clumsy power chord progressions... it just works!

You can get their EP 'Carter' or the single for 'Think of You' HERE.

White Denim - I Start to Run

White Denim gets it done again.

Check out their band page for info and their newest release "Drug" here.

Get their album 'Fits' or the single for 'I Start to Run'Here.